October 29, 2020

YAS! I added MDX support following this tutorial.

// you can write JSX in your Markdown! The following button is this
<button className="bg-blue-500 hover:bg-blue-700 text-white font-bold py-2 px-4 rounded my-5">test</button>

I’m using Tailwind btw, discovered it with this Gatsby starter. Looks like inline styling… but it’s not.

Thanks to VSCode I was able to quickly find and replace everything from mardownRemark to mdx plugin. Now I’m able to combine JSX within my new MDX files! Cool huh!? I’ll better do something trippy now.

This is a Beer Font Awesome icon.


Styling classes from Tailwind didn’t actually work in these .mdx files… in production. It did in dev environment.

I answered myself. This is what I found out:

What happened was that TailwindCSS uses PurgeCSS to cleanup any unused classes. This cleanup is done on production builds only, at dev, they are always available so that quick changes reflect inmediatly.

I just had to add .mdx to the exclusion list in tailwind.config.js file. Like so:

module.exports = {
  purge: ["./src/**/*.js", "./src/**/*.jsx", "./src/**/*.ts", "./src/**/*.tsx", "./content/**/*.mdx"],

My .mdx files are under ./content/... so I just added the expression to the list and the purging process considers those files as well.

I realized this was the issue because Tailwind classes worked in js files and some classes where loaded and visible in chrome devtools. For instance, the button above had the .mt-5 class described but not the blue color, etc. This class is used somewhere else over this site in a .js file.

I feel good. At first I was totally baffled by this issue, but some quick devtools inspection enlightened me!

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