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October 27, 2020

OK, now in English.

Sometimes I even think in English. I’m a native Spanish speaker since I’m argentinian, but I was sent to a bilingual school since very young so I feel English as a mother language too. The tech industry seems to be primarily English-driven so lots of documentation is written in this language. It just felt that learning from docs in Spanish was like reading second-hand-translated-versions of Enlish ones, and I just wanted to read the original source. Like watching non-dubbed movies.


I’ll repeat myself a bit here since the first blog post was written in Spanish. Oh right, just remembered Google Translate exists.

I started messing around with the web since very young. I think I was… 14? when I did my first Geocities site with some sort of WYSIWYG editor, then learned some HTML and CSS, and even some PHP because of vBulletin or phpBB forum software. Still couldn’t code, but kind of followed along. Just edited stuff to reach my needs. Also ran my own site and forum for the Lineage 2 server I was hosting at home.

For real

While studying software engineering at ITBA I started developing Wordpress sites with a friend there to earn some dosh. Never really made my own site, ‘till now.


Tech is always mutating. It keeps my mind quite active. Learning new stuff every day. I like it.

Last year I started making apps with React Native which led me to learn, of course, React, and even though I was curious about which framework to stick with for the web (really liked Vue.js), React seemed to be more widespread, and useful to me (learn one thing to tackle everything).

The future of the web? JAMstack they call it, OK, fine, let’s do this. I started with Gatsby and Netlify to host this site.

This was my first try

Where you are now is my second try. I used Leonids Gatsby Starter and modified it to my needs. I tried a few but this one was the best for my needs, even though I had to expand it a bit (still being a WIP) but what I liked the most is the fact that it doesn’t contain much boilerplate, so it was easy to get started.

… Sorry it’s late y estoy re quemado. Stay tuned for more tech tips about how I put this together.

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